The joint Scoping Study

The joint Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study has considered options for the region's rail services.

The Australian and New South Wales governments have partnered to work on the Scoping Study to consider the best options for future rail investment. The Scoping Study explored a range of rail routes that would connect the airport to the broader Western Sydney region, which were highlighted in a Discussion Paper released in 2016. It also considered if and how rail could be operational when the airport opens or, if not, how soon afterwards.

A key component of the Scoping Study has been stakeholder engagement through community consultation, industry engagement and stakeholder meetings.

The Outcomes Report

The joint Scoping Study Outcomes Report PDF: 18588 KB ReadSpeaker outlines the long-term need, timing and service options for passenger rail to service both Western Sydney and Western Sydney Airport.

The Scoping Study Outcomes Report has identified a Preferred Network for rail in Western Sydney that offers a vision for expanding and enhancing rail services in Western Sydney over the coming decades.

The Scoping Study also outlines a number of findings and recommendations for developing rail in Western Sydney and to Western Sydney Airport.

A summary of the Outcomes Report is available in the Outcomes Report brochure PDF: 5857 KB ReadSpeaker.

The Preferred Network

The Preferred Network for rail in Western Sydney provides a blueprint for expanding and enhancing rail services in Western Sydney over the coming decades. The Preferred Network includes multiple new and enhanced rail links that will help to improve people's access to jobs, housing, services and Western Sydney Airport.

The Outcomes Report identified that a North-South Link and an East-West Link offered the greatest potential to serve Western Sydney Airport and shape future development in Western Sydney.

The long-term North-South Link between Schofields and Macarthur via St Marys, Western Sydney Airport and a Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis interchange will improve rail connectivity and support city-shaping objectives across Western Sydney.

An East-West Link from a Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis to Greater Parramatta via Western Sydney Airport would establish a connection between Greater Sydney's ‘three cities’.

A South West Link from Leppington could support growth in the region and provide rail connectivity to the airport via a proposed interchange at the Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis, south of the airport site.

Next steps

The Australian and NSW governments will now undertake a business case and market engagement process for the North-South Link and South West Link network that considers:

  • staging and station location options
  • opportunities across Western Sydney to support long-term planning for housing and employment
  • detailed transport demand
  • detailed economic benefits and value-sharing opportunities, and
  • cost estimates based on detailed engineering work required for different types of potential rail service.

Protecting land for future rail corridors in Western Sydney will be critical to implementing the Preferred Network. Corridor protection is a key recommendation of the Scoping Study.

The community will continue to be involved as governments plan for Western Sydney's rail future.

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The Australian Government is continuing to work with the NSW Government to ensure Western Sydney Airport will be rail ready when it opens in 2026.

North South Rail Line and South West Rail Link Extension corridor identification

The NSW Government is consulting the community on recommended corridors of land for the North South Rail Line and the South West Rail Link Extension for future passenger rail lines. Transport for NSW is now seeking feedback on these recommended corridors by 1 June 2018. More information is available at

The Western Sydney City Deal

The Western Sydney City Deal is a new approach to planning in the region. The City Deal has been developed in consultation with the Australian and NSW governments and local councils in Western Sydney and aims to transform the region through investment and planning reform, improving access to employment and housing and health, education and liveability outcomes in Western Sydney.

The Western Sydney City Deal delivers key elements of the Australian Government's Smart Cities Plan, the Greater Sydney Commission's Western City District Plan and the NSW Government's Future Transport 2056 strategy with their visionary land use and infrastructure plan for the region.

More information is available at

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