Western Sydney

Western Sydney is more than 2 million people strong and growing. Over the next 20 years, it is expected to grow by another million—contributing to more than half of Sydney's overall expected population growth during this period.

Western Sydney is one of Australia's fastest growing economies. A growing population will need infrastructure and jobs to stimulate economic growth.

Western Sydney is a city in its own right—an airport would create many benefits for the region. An airport for Western Sydney is about delivering infrastructure now to foster Western Sydney's future growth. The Western Sydney Airport will deliver world-class transport systems, improving business links and providing economic benefits—including jobs.

Today, 30 per cent of people in Western Sydney travel out of the area for work. By creating jobs closer to homes, the Western Sydney Airport would cut commuting times and costs (both financial and quality of life) for local residents. The benefits an airport would provide for Western Sydney residents who travel for work would also be dramatic. Currently, those residents who travel interstate may spend as long travelling to the airport as they do in the air.

The airport will be a vital piece of infrastructure to attract investment and transform the cross-section of business in Western Sydney, ranging from manufacturing and logistics to hospitality and conferencing.

Western Sydney—An International Gateway

The Australian Government recognises the importance of connectivity in a globalised world. The Western Sydney Airport will be an international gateway for the region, ensuring we improve our links with emerging economies and deliver trade, skilled jobs and economic growth.

An airport in Western Sydney will enable quicker delivery for local businesses to overseas markets. For example, the ability to fly at night allows exporters of perishable items to reach stores in Asia the next morning.