The Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement 2016

On 15 September 2016, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure, announced the finalisation of the Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which was presented to the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, the Minister for the Environment and Energy, for his consideration. Minister Frydenberg has considered the Airport Plan against the findings of the EIS and Minister Fletcher has determined the Airport Plan, providing the authorisation to allow the construction and operation of Stage 1 of the airport (single runway facility expected to commence operations in the mid-2020s).

The draft EIS and draft Airport Plan were on public exhibition from 19 October to 18 December 2015, during which the community was invited to have a say on the airport's development. The community's submissions have been carefully reviewed and considered as part of the process to finalise both documents.

Finalising the environmental assessment

The community's submissions have been carefully reviewed and considered as part of the process to finalise the EIS. The finalisation of the EIS and the determination of the Airport Plan mean that the environmental assessment process has reached the last stage of the assessment and determination phase.

Flowchart depicting the phases of the Environmental Impact Study PHASE 1 EIS preparation: Referral - The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development submits a referral for the proposed Western Sydney Airport, December 2014; Guidelines - A draft EIS is prepared addressing matters outlined in the EIS Guidelines, January 2015; Fieldwork and assessment - January-September 2015. PHASE 2 EIS exhibition: Draft EIS community consultation - Draft EIS and draft Airport Plans are placed on exhibition for public review and comment. October- December 2015; Review comments - Submissions are collated, reviewed and addressed in final EIS. Submissions Report prepared. PHASE 3 Assessment and determination: Finalisation - Final EIS taking into account public comment is prepared; (we are here) Final EIS is provided to Environment Minister for consideration and made public ly avai lable. Revised draft Airport Plan is also made publicly avai lable; The Airport Plan is determined by the Infrastructure Minister, including any environmental conditions or provisions specified by the Environment Minister.

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More information about finalising the EIS and Airport Plan is available on the Factsheets page.

About the EIS

The EIS is a comprehensive study of the environmental, social and economic impact a Western Sydney Airport would have on the airport site and the surrounding area.


The EIS draws on a number of specialist studies and site investigations undertaken as part of the environmental assessment. A submissions report details the issues raised in the submissions received on the draft EIS and how these have been addressed in the finalised EIS.

This EIS addresses the EIS guidelines issued for the airport under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999 in January 2015.

Where to view the EIS

The EIS is available for download below. You can view a full copy of the EIS and revised draft Airport Plan in the following libraries across Sydney:

  • Bankstown Library
  • Blaxland Library
  • Camden Library
  • Castle Hill Library
  • Fairfield Library
  • Green Valley Library
  • Hawkesbury Central Library, Windsor
  • HJ Daley Library, Campbelltown
  • Katoomba Library
  • Liverpool City Library
  • Merrylands Central Library
  • Moorebank Library
  • Narellan Library
  • Parramatta City Library
  • Penrith Library
  • Springwood Library
  • St Marys Library
  • Warragamba Silverdale Neighbourhood Centre
  • Customs House Library, Sydney

Table of contents

The EIS is divided into the following volumes:

  • Volume 1—Project Background—provides an overview of the project;
  • Volumes 2a and 2b—Stage 1 Development—contain an environmental impact statement for Stage 1 development (single runway catering for up to 10 million passengers by approximately 2030);
  • Volume 3—Long Term Development—a strategic assessment of the development of a dual runway facility in 2063;
  • Volume 4—EIS Technical Reports; and
  • Volume 5—Submissions Report.

Volume 1—Project background and rationale

Volume 2a—Stage 1 development

Volume 2b—Stage 1 development

Volume 3—Long term development

Volume 4—EIS technical reports

Volume 5—Submissions report

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