The Western Sydney Airport Draft Environmental Impact Statement 2015

The Western Sydney Airport draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was released for public exhibition on Monday 19 October 2015 along with the draft Airport Plan. The public exhibition period closed on Friday 18 December 2015

The environmental assessment process has progressed towards the review of comments received during the public exhibition period in Phase 2.

Flowchart depicting the phases of the Environmental Impact Study Phase 2 EIS preparation: Referral – The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development submits a referral for the proposed Western Sydney airport. Guidelines – A draft EIS is prepared addressing matters outlined in the EIS Guidelines. Phase 2 EIS exhibition: We are Here – Draft EIS community consultation – draft IES is placed on exhibition for public review and comment. The draft Airport Plan will be on exhibition at the same time. October–December 2015. Review comments – ensure feedback is addressed in the final EIS. Phase 3 Assessment and determination: Finalisation – Final EIS takin into account public comment is prepared. Any conditions required by Minister for the Environment as a result of the EIS must be included before the Airport Plan can be approved.

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The draft EIS is a comprehensive study of the environmental, social and economic impact the proposed Western Sydney Airport would have on the airport site and the surrounding area. It includes assessments on noise, air quality, transport, heritage, water quality, ecology, local and regional economy, social impacts, property values and other aspects. A number of specialist studies and site investigations have been undertaken, with the draft EIS presenting detailed analysis of the data from these studies.

The draft EIS is divided into four volumes:

  • Volume 1—Project Background—provides an overview of the project.
  • Volume 2—Stage 1 Development—contains an environmental impact statement for Stage 1 development (single runway facility in 2030);
  • Volume 3—Long Term Development—a strategic assessment of the long-term development (dual runway facility by 2063).
  • Volume 4—EIS Technical Reports.

You can also read a range of factsheets and the document "An airport for Western Sydney: Building Western Sydney's future" which summarise a number of key topics covered in the draft EIS.

Table of contents

Volume 1—Project Background

Volume 2—Stage 1 Development

Volume 3—Long Term Development

Volume 4—EIS Technical Reports

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