The Western Sydney Airport Draft Environmental Impact Statement 2015

This page contains the Western Sydney Airport draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), released on 19 October 2015. If you wish to view the finalised EIS, visit the finalised EIS page.

The Western Sydney Airport draft Environmental Impact Statement (draft EIS) was released for public exhibition on Monday 19 October 2015 along with the draft Airport Plan. The public exhibition period closed on Friday 18 December 2015

The EIS has been finalised and was released on 15 September 2016. View the finalised EIS and a range of EIS factsheets.

The draft EIS is divided into four volumes:

  • Volume 1—Project Background—provides an overview of the project.
  • Volume 2—Stage 1 Development—contains an environmental impact statement for Stage 1 development (single runway facility in 2030);
  • Volume 3—Long Term Development—a strategic assessment of the long-term development (dual runway facility by 2063).
  • Volume 4—EIS Technical Reports.

Table of contents

Volume 1—Project Background

Volume 2—Stage 1 Development

Volume 3—Long Term Development

Volume 4—EIS Technical Reports

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