An airport would be a transformative employment-generating project for Western Sydney. It is an opportunity to deliver jobs, skills and growth to the local community of Western Sydney—setting the foundations for long-term, sustainable growth.


Jobs would be created for a range of workers with various skills and qualifications, including as baggage handlers, ground staff and engineers, as well as jobs in supporting industries like security, catering, retail, warehousing, administration, communications and IT.


In the peak year of construction, the airport is expected to generate around 3,180 direct and indirect jobs.

Airports are significant employment generators, as they create more jobs in operation than they do in construction. The Western Sydney Airport is expected to generate approximately 750 jobs for every million passengers it handles.

During Stage 1 operations (one runway with capacity for up to 10 million passengers a year), the Western Sydney Airport is expected to provide nearly 9,000 direct jobs and around 6,900 indirect jobs across Western Sydney. Because airports provide a service, the number of jobs needed during operation will increase as passenger numbers grow. By the early 2060s, this would mean more than 60,000 direct jobs and almost 30,000 indirect jobs across Western Sydney.


In order to get to work, approximately 30 per cent of workers living in Western Sydney currently commute outside the region. Investment in key infrastructure will generate jobs in Western Sydney, helping to close the jobs deficit. These jobs will provide opportunities for Western Sydney residents to work closer to home, allowing them to spend less time commuting and improve their quality of life.

Planning to support the future

The airport site at Badgerys Creek is located where Western Sydney's businesses need it. Long term planning means the site is opportunely positioned near the New South Wales Government's Western Sydney Employment Area, the Western Sydney Priority Growth Area and the South West Priority Growth Area.