Flight paths

Minimising community impacts and ensuring safe aircraft operations

Best-practice principles will be used to optimise flight paths on the basis of safety, efficiency, capacity, noise reduction and environmental considerations.

Designing flight paths is a large and complex task that takes several years to complete. A comprehensive airspace planning and design process will be undertaken. This will include ongoing community consultation and a focus on minimising impact on residential areas.

An aviation Expert Steering Group, led by the Department, will oversee the detailed planning and technical design process for the airport’s flight paths and airspace arrangements. Other members of the steering group will include Airservices Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and WSA Co. The Chair of FOWSA may attend ESG meetings as an ex-officio member. For more information about the role, structure and governance of the Expert Steering Group, read the Terms of Reference PDF: 386 KB ReadSpeaker.

A community and stakeholder reference group, the Forum On Western Sydney Airport (FOWSA), has been established as an integral part of the flight path design process. FOWSA will ensure the views of individuals, community organisations and stakeholders are taken into account in the development of flight paths. FOWSA and the Expert Steering Group will work together to deliver an informed and community-consulted airspace and flight path design.

For more information on the indicative flight paths and the design process, read the Flight paths for Western Sydney Airport factsheet.