Western Sydney Airport

The Australian Government has announced that Badgerys Creek will be the site for the Western Sydney Airport.

The Government is strongly committed to the Western Sydney region, where the new airport will be a major generator of economic activity—providing employment opportunities closer to where people in Western Sydney live.

In the early 2030s, the airport is expected to generate nearly 9,000 direct jobs, with around 6,900 indirect jobs in the surrounding area. As the airport grows, more jobs will be generated. By 2063, there will be approximately 60,000 direct jobs.

Road projects under the $3.6 billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan are well underway. This major programme of road projects will connect the Western Sydney Airport to Sydney's road network.

Discover what a Western Sydney Airport could look like by watching a video and exploring the new Western Sydney Airport Portal.

Find out more about the planning for the Western Sydney Airport and what the next steps are in An airport for Western Sydney: Building Western Sydney's future PDF: 9222 KB ReadSpeaker

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